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Rally® helps you make sense of your benefits, so you can make better decisions to improve your health on your terms.

Small Steps Lead to Success

Rally is your launching point to better health. We get you quick and easy access to your benefits and recommend small steps that improve your quality of life.

  • Get customized recommendations to set goals and make positive changes.
  • Track your progress and build on your successes to get and stay healthy.
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10 pounds

"I feel more alive and happy. I have lost ten pounds. Wow. Wow." — A Rally User

Changes That Matter to You

With Rally®, members meet their goals more easily, build confidence, and lead happier, healthier lives.

Bouncing Back After Cancer

Rally helps users change their lives every day. After Steve was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he worked his way to a healthier life one step — and Mission — at a time.

  • Lost 30 pounds using the Trio and Rally®
  • Helped him think about eating mindfully
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Need Help With Your Account?

If you’re a Rally® member and need a little support using your account, we’ve got you covered.

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