Our Intuitive Platform Gets Results

Rally's® digital platform gets your employees engaged, helping them make the most of their benefits and improve their health.

Personalized Solutions That Guide Employees

Our solutions give employees content and experiences that help them understand how to choose, enroll in, and manage health care benefits that meet their specific needs.

  • Engages employees with activities and goal-setting that keep them coming back for more.
  • Guides employees to adopt better habits, select benefits, and choose providers.
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Based in Behavioral and Data Science

Our chief medical officer and experience design teams work together to develop user-friendly products that get results.

  • Delivers personalized recommendations to help people attain their individual goals.
  • Uses our Rally Age survey data to help improve our content and experiences, engaging and retaining users.
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Simplifies Benefits Access and Management

Rally’s easy-to-use tools help employees get the most from their benefits to improve their health — all from one integrated platform.

  • Helps employees quickly and easily find the benefits information they need.
  • Built for the entire health care ecosystem to create better health outcomes.
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So far in 2017, $365.6M incentive dollars have been processed through Rally.

Incentives Keep Employees Moving

Rally® Rewards motivate our members to follow through on their goals to improve their personal health.

Rally's Platform

Power to Your People

Benefits and good health made easy for each of your employees.

Rally Choice®

Employees get the guidance they need to evaluate, select, and enroll in the best plan for them.

Rally Engage®

Engage helps your employees assess and manage their health risks, recommends activities, and offers rewards to incentivize healthier habits.

Rally Connect®

Connect helps employees search for the providers, facilities and treatments they need based on location, ratings, and price.

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