Improving Health and Health Care, Together

Rally® believes that providing health care consumers with personalized, data-driven information and recommendations improves outcomes and decreases costs for everyone.

The Rally Mission

To be effective, health care needs to be simpler. Our goal is to break down complex topics and ideas into actions, empowering consumers to take control of their health before facing crisis or injury. And should they become injured, quickly finding the right doctor and getting upfront costs should be easy.

As a digital health experience, we are focused on members’ overall health. Personalized daily goals, recommendations, and rewards are key for prevention and transparency, and access to information is crucial when it comes to care.

To put health in the hands of the individual. That energy permeates everything we do.

Grant Verstandig — Rally Founder & CEO

The Story Behind the Brand

When Grant Verstandig, our founder and CEO, faced knee surgery in college to correct a chronic sports injury, he thought he’d be playing lacrosse again soon. But one surgery led to another, and another, until finally his doctor told him he’d never play again.

It was a bleak moment, to say the least — and one far too common for many. The disconnect between an individual and the reality of their health and health care was, to Grant, a problem that needed solving. So he set out to solve it.

Rally was founded on closing that gap, empowering people with the tools to easily engage in their health every step of the way, before facing something like a life-changing injury. Less than a decade later, we’re leading the charge to simplify health care and help individuals take control of their health.

Do You Belong With Us?

We’re always looking for bright individuals with a passion for health. Take a look at our open positions to see if we have a spot that’s right for you.