Innovators, Storytellers, and Pirates

We believe a healthier life is possible for everyone, while never forgetting that some people face real challenges and need more help.

Who We Are

We come from a variety of backgrounds, including health care, software engineering, video game design, and social media, but we share a passion for bringing real change to a very broken system.

We are folks who obsess over every pixel and every line of code. (We can also tell you where to find the best bowl of ramen in any given city, or the best hiking trail, or the best jogging path through downtown at rush hour.) This obsessive attention to quality defines our work and our lives.

Our goal is to make Rally® a place for everyone, wherever they are on the spectrum of health.

I love working at Rally®. We have the market momentum and capabilities of a big company, but we're still hustling and staying hungry and are ready for anything. We're scrappy, but stable. I just can't get enough of that.

Chris Brown — Vice President, Engineering

How We Work

The people at Rally® matter as much as the work. We believe in a strong work-life balance. We trust our teammates to manage themselves, because we believe that’s when dedicated people will do their best work.

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What We Are

We think on our feet, approach problems from multiple angles, and are ready to respond to surprises with creative solutions.

Our eyes are on the end user. We want our products to actually be useful, and they’ve been designed that way from the ground up.

We listen to feedback and are willing to change our minds. We don’t let our egos keep us from learning when the data tells us something unexpected.

We work in teams, and we know that we don’t accomplish anything alone. We depend on each other, help each other out, and trust each other.

Is Rally Where You Belong?

We’re always looking for bright individuals with a passion for health care. Take a look at our open positions to see if we have a spot that’s right for you.